HSL Care Ltd is committed to eliminating discrimination, promoting diversity and providing equal opportunities, which is demonstrated through our employment policies, procedures and practices.

All employees have a duty to co-operate to ensure that this policy is effective to ensure equal opportunities and to prevent discrimination.


  • Culturally diverse

  • Ensuring opportunity in later life

  • Champions of disability care

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Equality and Diversity at HSL Care

HSL Care is committed to promoting human rights and providing equality of opportunity; not only in the way we provide services but also in our employment practices.

We also value and respect the diversity of our customers we serve and our employees. In applying this policy, H.S.L Care will have due regard for the need to:

• Promote human rights
• Eliminate unlawful discrimination
• Promote equality of opportunity
• Provide for good relations between people of diverse groups
• Consider providing more favourable treatment for people with disabilities

This policy aims to be accessible to everyone regardless of age, disability (physical, mental health or learning disability), gender (including transgender) race, sexual orientation, religion or belief or any other factor which may result in unfair treatment or inequalities in health or employment.

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