Before we provide home care services for you, it's essential that we have a full understanding of the care needs along with the wishes and feelings of  the individual who needs. For family members arranging care, we take time to listen to your needs and can answer any questions that you may have to provide reassurance that you're getting the right care for your loved one.

Our expert Client Care Coordinator will arrange a convenient time to come to your home and carry out a thorough Home Care Assessment, which will take about 45 minutes to 2 hours. It's completely free, with no obligation or commitment necessary and we don't employ sales people, so you can relax and make whatever decision is best for you.

We'll need to learn about the abilities, needs, challenges and preferences, of the individual that requires our home care. It's really important to listen to your needs, desires and opinions so that we can create a detailed care plan for you to consider.

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The HSL Care Process - in detail

We start the process by discussing your needs to learn what is important to you. We listen to your stories and discuss your current circumstances, strengths, support networks and any wishes or concerns you may have arising from your physical, medical, social and/or psychological needs. You’ll find us friendly, welcoming and responsive. And we’ll always respect your privacy and ensure confidentiality of your information.

You can ask for family, friends, carers or community members to be involved in the process. Together, we can map out a care plan that works for you now and in the future. We will help you set goals for health and well-being, and arrange support that will help to achieve these goals.

Once your services are in place, we will make sure you are actually receiving them correctly, and in line with your care plan. We will check that the quality of these services is right for you and adjust them as you request, and as your circumstances change.

We’ll keep in touch on a regular basis to make sure you are benefiting from the services and support you are getting. To that end we review everything with you and your designated home care assistant. We will also, annually revisit your goals and adjust your plans to ensure they continue meet your needs.

From the In-Home Care Assessment, we’ll develop a Service Plan that will meet your loved one’s needs.

Service Plans can be revised and updated as needs change or at the client’s request.

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