If you need extra help and support for your young or teenage children, HSL Care has a comprehensive service available for families living within South Manchester and Stockport areas. We’re experts in providing support and care for children and young people with complex care needs, whether you’re seeking social, emotional, behavioural, educational, respite or disability care.

HSL Care is able to provide support and care children and young people from 0-19, with multidisciplinary teams consisting of carers committed to improving the lives of people and families that they care for. It’s important to get the right care and support you need so that your children thrive and you can make extra time for yourself.

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Children & Young People

  • Children's disability care

  • Help with feeding

  • Emotional & behavioural

  • Structure & routine

  • Respite care

  • Housekeeping & shopping

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Disability care for children

HSL Care is leading provider of care for children and young people and adults with disabilities in the Manchester and Stockport areas. We provide the complete range of disability care services for families were there is a physical or learning disability present. Special care and additional need care is our forte as HSL Care has an in-depth understanding of how best to deliver support for children or carers with extra needs.

We’re committed to providing excellence in disability care and ensure that every child has the best opportunities they can, whilst respecting their dignity at all times. Contact HSL Care today and find out why we can offer an unparalleled level of disability care for children and young people with disabilities.

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Help with feeding children

HSL Care provides support to help with feeding regimes for children and young people, covering a wide spectrum of feeding needs. You may simply need help introducing healthy nutrition to your children or have a young baby or child who finds isn’t fully thriving due to needing some much-needed nutrition support.

We provide help and assistance for children who may need specific help and support in order to eat, or may need their food prepared in a way to help them swallow them. We’re able to help children with physical and learning disabilities with their feeding regimes and for families looking to help older children eat more healthily, we can provide the care and support you need to keep your children well-nourished.

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Respite care

Trying to manage your daily life and your children’s welfare can be exhausting and extremely demanding on your mental health. If this sounds like you or perhaps you’re already struggling to keep your head above water, it’s important that you get the help you need, so that you don’t become ill due to the excess stresses and strains it can place on you.

HSL Care are here to help support families in your situation, providing practical, and emotional support for your children or simply making sure your home runs more smoothly; shopping, cleaning, tidying up, cooking, playing with your children etc. To get the respite you need and keep your batteries fully charged, get in touch with HSL’s children’s respite care team.

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Emotional & behavioural support

For children requiring emotional or behavioural support, HSL Care offers a lifeline to help you get children and young people on-track to wellness again. We help by ensuring that structure, routine and boundaries are implemented and maintained. Provide help and care for children and young people who may be lacking emotionally in self-worth; plus can help you manage emotional outburst and challenging behaviour to help your children gain the emotional resilience they need to function within socially accepted norms.

For young people or children with learning disabilities, we can provide the help they need to ensure that there’s more consistency in their lives and ensure that they are aware of what’s happening now and next – so that their expectations and behaviour is managed in a way which helps everyone in the family.

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Routine & structure

Routine and structure can be challenging to maintain if you have a busy lifestyle or there are demanding care needs meaning that you can’t quite find enough time in the day to get your household routines working the way you would like. Maybe, you just need some additional support to establish structure and routine within your home so that the children’s behaviour becomes less challenging.

HSL Care’s dedicated care for children and young people’s care team can help you introduce routine and structure into your home in a practical way which works better for you and keeps the children safe and happy.

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Housekeeping & shopping

Maybe you’re unable to find the time to do domestic chores or get to the shops as often as you would like to go. Perhaps you’re so busy that you would prefer to have help at hand to do all the things that you don’t like to do, to give you more time to spend with your children and other activities. Whatever the reason, HSL care can simply support you and your children by cleaning, tidying things away or running to the shops so that you and your children get what they need every day.

For families looking for that extra bit of support, we’re able to deliver specialist services for children and young people, alongside our housekeeping and shopping service.

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Activities for children

Sometimes your children need help to find or explore new activities, or they may not possess the motivation to do the things that could greatly benefit them. We can help you by providing the resource, time and motivation to help your children get more involved in things around them. They’ll have more fun, enjoy exploring and doing new things and reap the rewards through gaining the nourishment they need in improving their emotional welfare.

HSL Care can help your children by taking them to activities, creating activities for them to do, get them motivated so that they develop a new found interest. For children or young people with physical or learning disabilities, we’re able to offer holistic support to meet their needs.

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Life skills for young people

For older children or young people looking to develop and nurture life skills, HSL Care offers help learning to do practical things, assist with self-hygiene, engage in new hobbies, develop improved social skills etc.

We can liaise with support groups, family case workers, the wider family, social care, health, education or other professional support bodies to get the best for your child and make sure that you get the best for your children every day. If there are any specific objectives that you, social care or your child wants to reach, HSL Care can help you meet your children’s needs.

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