Rehab: Whether you or a loved one are recovering from an injury, surgery, or learning to live with a chronic, long-term condition such as an orthopaedic, neurological, pulmonary or cardiovascular medical problem, we can provide rehabilitation care and respite care to meet the needs of your family. HSL Care’s rehabilitation care services can help you restore the health and functional skills necessary for participating in daily activities at home, school, work or in the community. We also provider rehabilitation and respite care for primary carers, to help them take a break from the continuous strain of providing care for their loved ones.

Our specialist rehabilitation team will work alongside your Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist and other medical practitioners to help you improve your long-term prognosis, in the best way possible. For families seeking respite care, our service team can help you cope better by offering support for you to have a well-deserved rest from being a carer for your loved one. We operate from offices in Manchester and Stockport, delivering respite care for families who need the extra support in order to protect their own emotional and physical welfare, from the pressures that being a dedicated carer can have you on you.

Rehabilitation and Respite

  • Live independently

  • Rehabilitation care plan

  • Personal care assistance

  • Companionship & motivation

  • Help with chores

  • Activities & exercise

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Live independently - rehab care

Whether you or a loved one is recovering from an injury, surgery, or learning to live with orthopaedic, neurological, pulmonary or cardiovascular disorders, HSL Care’s rehabilitation services can help restore the health and functional skills necessary for participating in daily activities at home, school, work or in the community.

In addition to Cardiac rehabilitation care, to improve mobility and range of motion, increase muscle strength, reduce chronic pain and restore balance and coordination to reduce the likelihood of falls and tripping - all designed to help customers manage as independently as possible.

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Respite Care

Planned or unplanned respite care is available during the day our outside normal working hours, depending on the individual's needs. Weekend care or 24/7 live-in care is also available when required.

The most important benefit of respite care is that it allows the primary caregiver an opportunity to recover and rest, so that psychological wellbeing is maintained. After all, you need to be fit, well and happy to continue providing the care and support you give – so let HSL Care take the strain and work alongside you in delivering much-needed care and support for your loved one.

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Personal care assistance

Both rehabilitation care and respite care plans can require help and support with personal care. Providing personal care in a dignified and compassionate way can help with retaining a strong sense of self-worth. Our rehabilitation and respite care team are fully trained in helping with all aspects of personal care and we carry out a full needs assessment so that any personal care needs form part of the ongoing care plan.

For clients choosing our rehab care or respite care services, it’s really important that they feel comfortable and familiar with their carers and HSL is able to quickly develop a bond of trust with individuals relying on help with their personal care. Contact HSL's Rehabilitation Care and Respite Care Team for more information.

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Companionship & motivation

HSL Care’s rehab care and respite care services are delivered by experienced carers who will develop a good rapport with you or your family, so that they don’t feel isolated during the day. Our carers are warm, kind and embrace your wishes and feelings, supporting you with compassion and a tangible human element.

We help motivate individuals during rehabilitation care by ensuring that we work together to achieve the goals set by the medical teams, individuals and their family. Also, simply being there to help is a great motivator. For clients choosing our respite care service, it’s important to retain continuity of care for your loved one, so that whilst you’re getting a break from being a carer, everything else remains the same for your family member.

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Help with household chores

We can keep everything clean and tidy as part of the care we deliver. Hoovering, dusting, mopping up, washing dishes, cleaning clothes, taking the bins out can all be included in your personalised care plan with HSL.

Our carers can help with running errands, like visiting the local shop, picking up medication, post or simply taking care of the garden area so that you have somewhere nice to sit and relax. Talk to us about what chores you want including in your Rehabilitation or Respite care plan and see how HSL Care can help you keep everything else in order in your life.

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Activities & exercise

Getting exercise and participating in activities can be a great way to make sure that good progress is made during the rehabilitation period. Working closely with your medical team and healthcare professionals, our care plan can incorporate daily exercise routines to assist with quicker recovery and get you mobile again.

We can help you by getting you involved with fun activities to stimulate the mind and body, plus it provides extra companionship along your journey to recovery. Talk to HSL Care Manchester or our Stockport Rehab team about how we can help you with your rehabilitation through exercise and involvement with more activities.

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Getting out or around

Help with getting about the house, attending social events or simply enjoying some fresh air and a different scenery can be accessed through our rehabilitation and respite care services. HSL’s carers can assist with everything from manual handling procedures, to help moving in and out of bed, to the toilet, shower, bath or just around the house if that’s possible.

For clients capable of moving into the open air, HSL can provide transport assistance and companionship for visiting local attractions, attending social events or even visiting the local park to enjoy life outside the home.

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Working with your OT

Our carers work with your Occupational therapists and medical practitioners to understand how to support you best and ways to enhance your recovery or ability and fitness to assist with restoring independence with everyday living.

Our rehabilitation care support includes help with things like eating, grooming and dressing, as well as vocational rehabilitation and other activities. We can also assist speech and language therapy in children and adults to learn or regain the ability to communicate or assist with difficulty swallowing. If memory problems are part of the rehabilitation care, HSL can tailor your support package to suit your specific needs.

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