Caring for a person with dementia can be emotionally and physically challenging. HSL Care has longstanding expertise in delivering home care for dementia care that improves quality of life for individuals living with dementia. Accepting a carer into the family home is a big step to take, especially after a lifetime of independence. In-home care helps by having regular planned visits to help with personal care and any other things, like food preparation.

Staying at home, in a familiar environment can provide security, peace of mind, consistency and promotes independence - essential to retaining quality of life. We provide a wealth of different home care for  dementia services. We deliver dementia care both at home and also out in the community, to help seeing family and friends, go shopping or see familiar sights, whilst being safe in the care of a specialist HSL dementia carer. Contact the HSL Home Care for Dementia today, delivering quality and compassionate at-home dementia care across South Manchester and Stockport.


  • Stay at home care

  • Meal preparation

  • Physical & incontinence

  • Respite care

  • Activities & emotional support

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Stay at home care for dementia

An important part of HSL’s dementia home care is enabling a person who lives with dementia to remain within their own home for as long as reasonably possible. Living at home reduces stress and is less disorienting than an alternative care environment. Individuals living with dementia often experience sundowning, which can be challenging. We’re familiar with how best to manage late-day confusion, providing support at home, at times when your loved one may be most anxious or restless.

If you’re looking for the best standard in dementia care at home, contact HSL’s specialist Home Care for Dementia team in Manchester or Stockport today.

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Meal preparation

Our dementia home care team will happily plan, prepare, serve and deliver any support required at mealtimes, so that you can have the peace of mind you need, knowing that your family member is getting the food they need at all times.

If there are any specific dietary requirements, we’ll make sure that these are considered within the individual’s dementia care plan.

Also, for clients with dementia requiring food to be chopped into smaller pieces or served as liquids, our carers are equipped to cater for any individual needs or preferences.

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Physical & incontinence care

Depending on the individual’s needs, our dementia care provides the appropriate physical, emotional and practical help needed to sustain a good quality of life.

For example, for individuals living with dementia, we can help them move around, such as helping with getting in and out of bed or the shower.

If personal hygiene needs to be supported, our carers can help with incontinence, accessing the toilet and personal cleaning and washing so that individuals feel that their dignity is always respected.

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Dementia respite care

Every family caring for a close family member with dementia, needs a break from time-to-time. From experience, we know how challenging, upsetting, demanding and frustrating it can be. Sometimes in giving your all, you need to take a break, recharge your own batteries or simply step-back to retain your own mental wellbeing. That’s why having a specialist dementia care team like HSL can help you more than you may think.

If you’re a family carer, looking for some well-deserved respite, get in touch with HSL’s dementia care team in Manchester or Stockport today.

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Activities & social support

Our Home Care for Dementia team understands that an important aspect of living with dementia is maintaining social interaction, keeping the mind as active as possible. By being around, talking and enjoying the company of your loved on, we minimise the social isolation associated with dementia. We’re able to engage, have fun, play games, talk about favourite topics or assist with reading, exercise and social activities for patients with dementia. To explore what new opportunities the HSL dementia care team can provide, get in touch now.
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Emotional support

We help individuals living with dementia cope with their distress, helping to manage anger, emotional outbursts and repetitive behaviours like pacing. Recognising and supporting individuals through their emotional rollercoaster that dementia can bring, is part of our expertise at HSL Care.

Our dementia care team are patient, understanding, knowledgeable and can provide holistic emotional support for your loved one.

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Nutrition & hydration
Caring for an individual with Dementia at home can be hard enough without having to ensure that they feed and drink what they need, at the right times. Individuals and their families will quickly get to know the HSL’s specialist care team members, supporting them, because we select a small dedicated team to support your family, which can make sure that a balanced and nutritious diet is always provided. Getting hydration right is important for sustaining health, so we make sure that individuals are drinking what they need to keep well.
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Managing medicines
Once incorporated into the at-home dementia care plan, your specialist HSL dementia care team will be familiar with the medicines that are needed and, at what time of day or night. As long as you keep HSL Care updated with any changes in medicines required, we will be at hand to provide and prompt your family member to take their medicines at the time they’re needed. We monitor medicines provided and in the event that they’re not taken, we’ll let you know, so that you’re always assured of keeping your loved one safe. Working together with the family, HSL Care can manage medicines effectively, so that forgetfulness doesn’t get in the way of remaining healthy.
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