Staying connected with friends, families and the local community is an essential part of feeling emotionally well. At HSL Care, our carers build a social bond with the people they support and social engagement is an integral part of each home visit. Travel assistance and social support can be included in your individual care plan so that you or your loved one feels more independent and doesn’t miss out on what’s been familiar to them throughout their life.

Keeping mobile, active and retaining social engagement has a big impact on quality of life and adds that all important extra dimension to stay at home care. We can provide help with anything from shopping to visits to the park, day trips, family occasions etc.

Our Travel assistance and social support keeps you connected and promotes face-to-face interaction with family and friends in the local community.

Travel and social support

  • Transportation

  • Shopping assistance

  • Visiting family & friends

  • Socialising

  • Day trips & sight-seeing

  • School runs

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Transportation & travel assistance

If you, your loved one or your children require help with travel assistance or transportation, we can build this into your care plan during our initial assessment. We’re able to help you get to and in and out of the car, plus help with your mobility when you reach your destination – whether that’s shopping, visiting the local park, a special event etc.

Our carers will look after your loved one when out and about to help with all aspects of care and support. Having a physical or learning disability doesn’t mean that you have to stay indoors. With HSL Care, we make sure that you enjoy life to the full and provide the transportation and travel assistance, to get you where you want to be in life.

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Shopping assistance

You can choose to do your own shopping with our travel assistance -  we can shop with you or for you. You make the choices and we make sure you get the support you need.

We can visit the shops for you, collecting anything you need. Or, if you need support getting there and help with carrying things, we can accompany you or your loved one on regular shopping journeys with our travel assistance.

HSL Care can help you plan meals, organise where you want to purchase the ingredients and carry things for you, putting them away for storage in your home, so that you only need to do what you want to, whilst we organise everything else that you need support with.

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Visting family

It’s important to see family and friends and sometimes you may want to go and visit them in their own homes. HSL Care can provide the transport so that you can keep in regular face-to-face contact with people you care about. We can help you getting there and returning, provide care whilst you’re there if it’s needed and return you home safely at the end of your visit.

If you have friends further afield and want to go and visit them from time to time, our carers can arrange to drive you there and back. If it’s further than what’s included in your care plan, speak to us about making special arrangements so that we can plan and organise things for you.

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School runs  travel assistance

You may have young children who need taking to school or picking up from school. Or maybe you have a child with additional needs who would benefit from having travel support or transportation assistance from a specialist carer, like HSL can provide.

We’re able to do regular school runs, take the children to local shops or amenities and make sure that they enjoy their lives to the fullest.

If you have a specific need for school transportation or travel assistance within your care package, speak to HSL Care to discuss what we can do for you to help provide the support you need.

We provide support services for families living in South Manchester and Stockport

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Attending events

Sometimes, there may be an important event that you or your loved one doesn’t want to miss, such as a wedding, funeral, graduation, christening, seasonal party like at Christmas time or something similar. Using HSL Care’s transport and travel assistance can get you where you want to be.

Attending important events may require help for you getting ready, or even special care support whilst you’re at your event.

If you need to travel somewhere on a special day, or require care support when you’re there, speak to us about how we can make sure you can enjoy your special occasion.

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Socialising and social support

The social aspect of the care we provide is every bit as important as other care elements . At HSL, we pride ourselves on developing a close bond with the people we care for and their families too. We work hard to make sure that you have the smallest possible carer team looking after your individual needs, so that you get to know your carers well. We provide excellent social support.

For individuals fortunate enough to have family and friends close-by,  we can incorporate helping you with your social calendar and social events, so that you can get to see them at home, in their own homes, in the community or at special occasions. Speak to HSL Care today to find out how we can help keep your social life in good shape.

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Organising day trips

Many adults or children like to go on day trips with our carers or with their friends. Let HSL Care provide the transport and companionship for your day trip, so that you can enjoy your excursion in comfort and with the peace of mind that you’ll be looked after throughout the day.

We can take you to places like the Trafford Centre, the zoo, Cheshire Oaks, Blackpool, The Albert Dock, or just about anywhere that you want to visit. If you need walking aid or wheelchair assistance, we can make sure that you enter and exit transport safely. If you require help with any aspect of personal care throughout the day, we can take care of this for you too.

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On sight-seeing excursions, you may like the idea of going on a car journey and seeing what’s going on around, parking up and watching the planes at Manchester Airport, riding out into the Derbyshire countryside; going over the hills into Holmfirth, or; just visiting a special place you have fond memories of. There are so many places you can go and see with our carers.

HSL Care provides transport for sight-seeing whilst you enjoy social interaction with your carer. Wherever you wish to go and explore, we can make your sight-seeing experience and pleasurable and entertaining one to remember.

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