The Light News – November 22

MANCHESTER, STOCKPORT, Nov 18, 2022 – HSL Care news for the month of November. Bringing you the latest insights into home care in Manchester and Stockport. This months features include:

• Covid & Flu Awareness
• Cost of Living – Care Impact
• HSL Care News
• Staff Profile: Sully Ahmed – CEO

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ONS Figures published on Oct 25th 2022 show a marked rise in Covid-19 deaths – rising to 4.7% of all deaths in the UK compared with 3.5% in the previous week.

It is now estimated that 1 in 30 people in households in England, tested Covid-positive in the past week. Conversely, the UKHSA, who is now responsible for National Flu and Covid-19 Surveillance Reporting, suggested on Oct 20th, that 

Covid-19 activity has decreased recently. 

Stockport LA continues to offer its Extended Vaccination Offer and Free Flu Vaccines, supporting frontline workers including Carers, who should be encouraged to continue vaccinating against Covid-19.

Lockdown now is truly behind us; schools back in full-swing, more people back in the office and less focus on wearing masks and social distancing.

The elderly and  other vulnerable groups are therefore arguably at even greater risk during the coming winter months, of becoming infected with Covid, Flu or potentially, both.

ICU Units are already under pressure due to Influenza infections starting earlier than usual, with a rapid rate of admissions for children under 5. 

Carers are urged to visit:


HSL Care has been busy throughout 2022, running a serious of highly successful recruitment campaigns whilst focusing on enhancing work-life-balance for its staff. This means that HSL continues to provide highly trained staff to fulfil new contracts.


The significant rise in the UK Cost of Living together with the post-pandemic loss of workers over 50 from the workforce has had a tremendous impact on the ability of care providers to recruit, retain and pay professional carers. The challenge for 2023 and beyond is for organisations in the care industry to attract and retain carers looking for jobs or careers, within the industry.


Sully Ahmed, CEO:

After working for a time with the family business, Sully chose to strengthen his customer-service skills in the B2C sector before returning to take on a senior management role within HSL Care, then becoming CEO.

As the new CEO of the organisation, Sully brings with him a wealth of care expertise, along with best-in-class customer care experience. “My focus is on delivering higher quality client care, to improve quality of life.”