The Light News – February 23

MANCHESTER, STOCKPORT, Feb 1, 2023 – HSL Care news for the month of February 2023. Bringing you the latest insights into home care in Manchester and Stockport. This months features include:

• Meeting Care Needs in 2023
• Cost of Living – Care Challenges
• HSL Care News
• Staff Profile: Salma – Care Co-ordinator

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Regardless of the UK economic environment, the need to deliver high standards of care to an ever-growing, ageing population, is an absolute given. 

This year, house prices are likely to continue to fall; inflation will remain high; energy costs are at an unprecedented level, and; unemployment is forecast to rise, creating more uncertainty.

In order to survive, Care sector organisations need to continue to innovate to meet growing demand, whilst delivering a high standard of specialist and general care to clients, during these uncertain times.

HSL Care’s CEO Sully Ahmed says, “Whilst Care Providers can plan for accepting private clients, they need to be in-tune with Local Authorities’ needs, to welcome their clients, whenever the need arises and sometimes in large numbers.” 

In order to achieve this HSL’s philosophy is to create the right environment to focus on staff retention and have an active, open recruitment policy to attract new staff who are looking to work for a care organisation which places equal emphasis on valuing their staff as they do with  clients.

To be successful in 2023, Care Providers need make staff feel like they are an important part of their organisation and meet staff needs in the same, equal way as they do for their clients.


Over the festive period and throughout January our carers have been working hard to ensure that clients enjoy extra companionship, at what can be a lonely time, especially for those who have lost loved ones. We thank staff for their dedication.


The UK economic shift has seen a large number of public sector workers take industrial action over pay and conditions. The impact of energy and food costs in particular has hit the lowest paid workers hardest, with many carers across the country struggling to heat their homes and feed families, at what is traditionally a celebratory time of the year.  The home care sector remains particularly affected. 


Saima, Care Co-ordinator:

Having started her career as a carer, Saima joined HSL’s growing team three years ago, in 2020.

Instrumental in helping the team navigate their journey through the pandemic, Saima continues to play an important role in co-ordinating the carer team and has demonstrated outstanding commitment to delivering quality of care for our clients.